Sunday, 31 August 2008

Page 244 - me, I'd rather be in the peace of the countryside than the hustle and bustle of a city. Here I really feel at peace and can think through my problems. But there are those who choose to live in cities, thrive on all the noise and movement. But to have true inner peace it doesn't matter where you are, noise and clatter don't matter if you are calm in your heart.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Page 243 - we only have one life, so why do so many of us wish it away thinking of the future? Yes, it is nice to anticipate future events, but not to wish life away to make it come quicker. Surely anticipation is half of the excitement! If we are too busy looking to the future, we may miss our present! To me each day is precious, to be enjoyed, what will happen in the future, I don't know for sure, but will enjoy each day as it happens. I don't want to wish my life away!

I hear some parents saying they wish their children were grown up, but why not enjoy their childhood with them, time passes too quickly as it is! We cannot get that time back!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Week 34 lo, using quote and buttons.

Page 242 - Oh how true that we dream big! I know I have at times! Maybe the dreams don't come true completely but I'm sure we grow into them as they come true a little at a time! They may never come as big as we dreamt but surely a little is better than nothing. As a youngster I dreamt of living happily ever after, and on the whole that has come true, even though there have been set backs at times. So really my dreams were very big, and I am slowly growing in to them! How much more growing is there to do? I don't know. But if no more, then I will be content!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Page 242 - where to start? When things have happened in my life, I know I have discovered things about myself that I didn't know! When parents have died, I found strength to cope and support others, to explain to children what had happened. But I still managed to open myself to support from others. One thing that could have broken me was the diagnosis of cancer, but somehow I came out of there, not just with some fear, but a feeling that I could conquer this! But I knew I couldn't do it alone and would have to let other people help me. And they did! Coping with this I found aspects of myself which I didn't know existed. I like to think I am a strong person but have learnt that I do need the support of others, and to accept help when it is offered. No one person can cope with life alone, even if they think they can!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Page 240 - Yes, anyone could take away my personal possessions or money, I wouldn't like it much but most things can be replaced! The real riches in my life are within me, and no one can steal those! The greatest riches are the love I know my husband and family have for me, it is unconditional and never ending, and makes me feel so good! I also have the love of friends! And to put icing on the cake, I have all my lovely memories stored inside me. No one can steal this from me! I am truly rich!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Page 239 - well, I wouldn't call myself graceful. I might not have two left feet, and can do a reasonable dance shuffle when I have to, but I still wouldn't say I was graceful. I never did ballet lessons as a child, maybe that would help physically, but I don't clump around! Some people just seem to glide around and all their movements are smooth and sleek! No, I am not jealous at all! I think my soul is mostly in harmony with me, and hope it shows in other forms rather than physical movement!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Page 238 - Many of us are shy and retiring, which can be painful in company, and in every day life it can be restricting. At first it feels safe and secure to stay in our own little world, but eventually we realise that taking a risk to open up is not as painful as we thought. The first steps are hard, take courage, but the reward is a more fulfilling life.

I remember being shy as a youngster, and as I grew up it wasn't easy to voice my own opinion. Age brought confidence, and though it wasn't easy, I spoke up for myself. But still sometimes, in unknown situations, I can feel shy and insecure.

Page 237 - we all have dreams, and so many can fall and break! I know some of my dreams have ended this way. But if I pick up just one piece of that dream and start to rebuild, it is worthwhile. The dream might take a different direction but sometimes the dream can end up better. I still have dreams which I hope will come true, but if it is not destined to be, I will continue to pick up and carry on. Sometimes this can take great strength, I hope I have that!

Page 236 - we may not realise how much effect we have in this world, sometimes we can make seen things others may not have seen without our help! Today we were out for a walk and watched a fisherman land his catch, after a struggle. Out of the weeds on his line he took a fish, rather a large fish. When he saw us watching he started to chat and answered our questions. He had caught a 16lb carp! He was very pleased with his catch, and I think he was secretly pleased we were there to see too, and take some pics! If we hadn't been walking there at that time, he wouldn't have been able to share his pleasure. Or to see ours at watching him!

I've haven't been one to make big things visible, like scientists or explorers, but hope I have unveiled smaller things.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Page 235 - how many times in life do we need to have faith in what we can't see, in others! One example is our faith in doctors, that they can heal most ills. I know well from personal experience that having faith in them has saved my life! And that of my husband! I see this today when I look at myself and him, fit and healthy. Faith in a higher being is a private matter, but another thing that can't be seen, but our belief lets us see the rewards in our lives.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Page 234 - good moments happen, but never last, however much we will them to. The good thing is those beautiful moments are stored in our memories to be recalled at will! And being the humans we are, the memories can evoke feelings, smells, sounds etc, so it all feels almost as good as it did at the time! I could not pick one beautiful moment from my life, I seem to have a lot, so consider myself lucky! Some of the best have to be the day I got married, the days my children were born, and the days I became a grandparent. But really all moments in life are beautiful if we only stop to savour them!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Page 233 - There are always new phases in life, be they big or small, and we should embrace them and make the most of what they offer! Life may seem to stand still at times, but it doesn't. My new phase is starting at Slimming World, just two weeks ago. Already I feel better for this, and being accountable to others I know I can keep going, and will enjoy the end results! It seems to have rekindled my love for cooking, trying out new recipes to fit the plan, and eating more healthily. I know I have a lot of support for which I am grateful! Watch this space.............

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Page 232 - undoubtedly the lights of my life are my dh, four children (and their partners) and two grandchildren! Without them my life would be very dim! But I have allowed other people into my life too, whether in real life or cyberspace, and made many good friends who have helped to make my world brighter! I have also had experiences which have brightened my life! And some that I thought might but sadly didn't. So yes, I will continue to allow light within me and hopefully it will always brighten my world!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Page 231 - how many times when the children were young, did I think my life was more like a wrestling match than a dance. This was especially true in the teenage years when they were "finding" themselves. Having to juggle getting four children to different places for more or less the same time took some doing! I will admit to liking things organised in my life, to know what I am doing when, so when a spanner is thrown in the works it does throw me a bit, not standing firm ready for the attack! I think I have improved over the years though, down to practise! These days my life might resemble a dance a bit more as I don't have so many commitments and mostly, only myself to please. Not sure which dance though, definitely not a graceful waltz!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Page 230 - everybody in life has something to teach me, how true is this, from little children to senior citizens, each person has their store of knowledge and expertise. To learn something I only have to be willing to listen, and take it in! Sometimes it is only a small thing, at others it is more important, but each is a part of life's learning curve. Maybe it is hard at times to realise someone else has more knowledge on a subject, but I find these days I accept this is so and hope I graciously listen.

I have found crafters to be the most generous people with sharing their know how, always willing to talk and show!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Page 229 - ears shouldn't get me into trouble, as long as I don't tell any secrets they hear, or repeat gossip. Being a good listener is a natural skill, not really one to be learnt. Listening without commenting or passing judgement can be a help to others. I think I am a fairly good listener as I remember a few people who have unburdened themselves to me. I know I have been grateful for someone else's ears at times!

I am pretty sure my ears have never got me into trouble!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Page 228 - Creativity, yes, my favourite occupation, and always has been. There is something very satisfying about creating things, whether from scratch or kits. But other things are creative too, like cooking a good meal, redecorating, or even gardening. All activities which can give satisfaction.

The creative work of others also satisfies us, and inspires too! The great artists, musicians, actors, and also the lesser ones. Without their work I probably wouldn't be inspired to try new things.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Page 227 - not every day is good, I don't feel a song in my heart, but if I make the effort to sing, somehow things don't seem so bad! Maybe I'm worried about something, but looking from a different angle there is usually some sort of solution which makes me feel better. I know I tend to put a smile on my face and make out things are ok, is this the same?

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Page 226 - the world is really a very big place and no one person could ever hope to see all of it! Some are content to stay in their safe little haven, never straying that far from home. Others have wanderlust and can never stay in one place for long. I have seen other parts of the world and enjoyed the experience, but still feel I have not seen all of my own country! We are so lucky today that travel is so easy and fast if we choose that, but can also be slow and leisurely.

But I do not have to go far from home to appreciate the size, the beauty and feel the thrills. A walk reveals so much whether it is in a town or the country! Every day I can see something new, whether it is a new building under construction or nature unfolding it's wonders! I just have to open my eyes and realise how small I am in this big world!

Week 32 lo incorporating some hand stitching and my favourite quote from the week!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Page 225 - as a child, with no responsibilities, every new day was an adventure, you'd wake up wondering what the day would bring and feel happy. We lose that happy feeling as we grow and have to work harder at school, then earn a living, take on a family. Each day becomes familiar and we tend to lose our sense of adventure! We need to make an effort to recapture those feelings! Now I no longer work I should be more adventurous, plan to do different things, be more spontaneous! Will I? Have to wait and see but it would be lovely to feel that way again!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Page 224 - Talents, I believe we all have them and it is up to us how and when we use them! Some have a talent for words, or pictures, others for music, some for entertaining us, some for cooking for us, the list is endless, and they are all equal talents.

I think my talents lie in my hands as I have always loved to use them and make things. I have always knitted, crocheted and sewn and throughout life I have added other skills. Now most of my time is spent with paper, scissors and glue, and I hope my efforts will bring pleasure to someone, whether it be their birthday or Christmas card, or the scrapbook albums I have made to preserve memories and family history. I have enjoyed doing it!

I am sure when my time comes I will have nearly exhausted the talents I was given.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Page 223 - simplicity, definitely more sophisticated as far as I am concerned. Not that I think of myself as sophisticated, but thinking in fashion terms, it is the simple styles which survive and come back time after time! I do wear simple clothes, no frills or flounces for me! I don't feel comfortable wearing them! When crafting I go for more simple lines, though there are times I embellish! But I have to make myself use things like glitter and bling, as they don't come naturally to me!

Today I went to the Brookwood Military Cemetary, and was struck by the simplicity of row upon row of simple white headstones, and large simple shaped crosses. They certainly told a story to me!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Page 222 - some things in life can take a lot of effort, and we may not always attain our goal, but putting all our efforts in to trying can sometimes be just as fulfilling. Like we always said to our children, "it isn't the winning that matters, it's the taking part". As long as have tried our best, that is what is important.

This applies to everyday activities too, we need to try our best to lead a good life, be kind to others. We only get this one chance at life, so should put all our effort into it!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Page 221 - how often do I sit and think about, or even acknowledge the good things? Probably not often enough! Like most people when things are going well we don't appreciate it properly, but when it all goes pear shaped, we start to moan! Even in bad times there is good, though it may be hard to see! Maybe each day I should have thankful thoughts, for my health, my family and friends, and for all that happens to me, for all this is good! More to the point, I should say so to those concerned.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Page 220 - everyone can be great, because anybody can serve. I take this quote as meaning we can all help others, it does not take qualifications, or even a great education, and certainly doesn't matter where you come from. All you need is the ability and willingness to do something to be of service to another. It doesn't have to be anything momentous, just dropping a few coins into a charity collecting box would count, or donating your no longer needed clothing to a good cause. And I feel nowadays recycling would be counted, as it is a service to your fellow man, helping to preserve this earth for future generations.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Page 219 - finding yourself in the service of others. I can't claim to have done great or time consuming work for others, but over the years I have been involved in many things. When the children were at school we spent a great deal of time on parent committees, raising funds and organising events, but it didn't seem like hard work, as we enjoyed ourselves, and the schools benefitted, and therefore the children benefitted. I also enjoyed helping my father in law with his work for our local hospital League of Friends, whether it was wielding the collection box in town, or just helping with paper work. I have done other things too, like running the Race for Life, well, more walking than running, and raising funds for other charities, but cannot say that I have ever lost myself in these activities as my family and work commitments always came first. I do admire those people whose whole lives are dedicated to helping others, it takes a special kind of person to do that. But if I can I will do my bit.

LO 31 using the quote from Pope John Paul XXIII. I have used a square of material under the blossom, and stamped with paint.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Page218 - I shall not live in vain. I don't think any of us live in vain, but during my life I hope I have helped people. As a nurse I hope I gave help and comfort to both my patients and their families, and also my colleagues. As a wife and mother I hope I have done the same for my family. None of us live in a box, what we do affects others, and I hope my actions and words have done nothing but help. Sometimes we choose to help, at other times we have no choice and act instinctively.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Page 217 - the bright side. I always try to look on the bright side of situations, although sometime it has been hard. There seem to be some people who just cannot see anything good about their lives, however small. Being able to see things in a good light makes life more bearable, and also helps to make us happier. In retrospect there often seems to be a good reason for some bad things to happen, and they can alter the course of our lives, hopefully for the better. A good laugh over a mishap always helps! So why be down about everything when looking from a different angle will brighten it all up!

Recently, at a friend's funeral, the service ended with the song "Always look on the bright side of life", which suited him perfectly!

Week 29 lo, birth month.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Page 216 - Life is full of beauty, Notice! How often do we go about our daily life and not notice what is around us. I know I did, until I was ill and suddenly I started to notice so much! Not just the beauty of nature around me as I walked the dog, but the people, and even the buildings held surprises. I started looking up and down, not just straight ahead, and saw so much previously unnoticed. When with small children I have always talked about what was around us, but not sure I really noticed it all!

Today's pic is me with dgs2 celebrating dd2's birthday, we are looking at a dog over the fence!

This is little album No 6 for this challenge, the orange paint was very bright, but I thought it suited summer!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Page 215 - Happiness, doesn't just happen, it comes about from all our actions in life! But to experience happiness we need to experience other emotions, then we can truly appreciate it! I have had a happy life so far, but it has had it's bad times too! I think so far in life I have worked, played, loved and lived, but hopefully there is much more to come! I will keep playing this game of life!

Page 214 - If we were always afraid to do something, what would we do in life? Always frustrated with everything, we wouldn't achieve anything. Wasting time thinking about our failures, we wouldn't move on. It is best to accept what has passed and attempt new things, though there is nothing wrong in trying again to achieve past failures. We all need to hope and dream, but have to be active to make them a reality, not just sit back, bemoan our lot and hope for the best. There is so much left to do, be they small or large things, in our lives.