Friday, 28 November 2008

Page 333 - anger is a very destructive emotion, but we are all capable of feeling it. Some people just explode, and then it is forgotten, while others simmer for a long time! As a redhead it is assumed I have a temper! I suppose I have, but do try to keep it under control! I not only get angry with other people, but with myself too!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Page 332 - laughter truly is the best medicine, somehow it justs lifts my mood! So many little things make me laugh, especially watching and listening to my grandchildren. Must say that I don't find modern comedians funny though, they don't make me laugh, must be old fashioned!

Page 331 - nobody likes to feel sad, but at times it can't be helped. Today I feel sad as my son is moving house earlier than anticipated, but it isn't the end of the world!

Page 330 - Happiness is different for everyone. The simple things in life make me happy, just being alive and well, having my family and being able to live as we please!

Page 329 - everyday should be celebrated and lived to the full! I love that fleeting moment between sleeping and waking, before the reality of life creeps in!

Page 328 - I have always wondered if we should be taught, and learn facts and figures which may be of no use to us in life, or whether we should be stimulated to learn of our own accord. If we want to know something and make the effort to learn, we are more likely to remember!

Page 327 - it's certainly cold outside today! A wintry snap as the weathermen call it! So out come my trusty furry lined mittens, I really can't remember how many years I have had them!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Page 326 - we all get a warm glow when we have done something nice for another person! But it shouldn't be done for that reason, we should do it because we want to, and consider other people's feelings and needs. People should be treated better than objects!

Page 325 - Today was certainly lived from the heart! The second time this year all the cousins have met up, we shared family stories, and touched each other's hearts with some!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Page 324 - I was brought up to be courteous so do tend to expect it from others! I love that dh always walks outside me along the pavements, holds doors open for me, never sits down at the table until I have, and all the other little trappings of good manners! What a shame not all people are so courteous!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Page 323 - I can only agree with all the wise words in today's quote! And I think we have reached this point after knowing each other for over 44 years! Unfortunately I couldn't do a pic with dh today as he's not here, so little teddy was a stand in!

LO 46 - the stars of the weekend away, the 365ers!

LO 46

Monday, 17 November 2008

Page 322 - Where am I? Supposedly in my golden years, though it doesn't feel like it! No work, time is my own mostly to do as I please, and I do enjoy it.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Page 321 - like a lot of people I enjoy a little flutter, but have to confess to never having been in a bookies in my life! My usual flutter is a ticket for the Saturday night lottery draw, though I have never won any substantial amount! Still, I can dream!
I remember as a child I was given a roulette set one birthday, think I still have it somewhere. It gave us many hours of pleasure!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Page 320 - Well there are some things in life that are just between two people, and that is all I am going to say!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Page 319 - one sure thing is that tomorrow always comes! I know one day I won't be here to see that tomorrow, but for now I will live each day as it comes, and make the most of it!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Page 318 - Never say never again! How many times have I said never again, too many to count. But it would seem I don't always mean it! When it comes to some things, like riding roller coasters, then I definitely mean it! But if it is something like helping out again, even after it didn't seem appreciated, I always seem to do it! Maybe the word never should be erased from my vocabulary!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Page 317 - gold is definitely my metal of choice for jewellery, I just love it's warm tones! One thing I don't like is gold clothing! Gold is associated with wealth, but we have to remember that all that glistens is not gold! Some very good fakes out there these days!

Page 316 - I don't own many diamonds but this picture shows the first ring DH bought for me, unfortunately it is only a cubic zirconia, but was soon followed by my engagement ring which did have small diamonds in it.

And for the record, I didn't like Sean Connery much when he was James Bond, but he has matured so well, and his voice is yummy!

Page 315 - two things I am good at, doing nothing and resting! Today I need a rest after my weekend away, but somehow it doesn't sit right to just laze around so I will be doing something!

Page 312 - everyone has a different idea of what is classy and fabulous, and that is probably a good thing. Me, I go for the understated, little make up, simple clothes, and not a lot of jewellery! To me, feeling classy is more about me than what I am wearing or how I look!
Page 313 - a pic of my lovely neighbour in the hotel over the weekend while we were away for a meet up for this challenge!
In today's modern era we seem to be obsessed with technology and in danger of forgetting about people!
Page 314 - Remembrance Sunday brings back memories of Army church parades when I was a child, all the pomp of the occassion, and the armed forces remembering the fallen. I do feel we should remember those who fought for our freedom, and those who are still fighting! I have always told my children the meaning of the poppy!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Page 311 - I think it takes many years to learn to like yourself. We have to make many mistakes to find the way we like to do things, and then to like how we have done it! There have been failures in my life, maybe if I could go back and change how I did things, I might like them better!

The eighth and final little album for this challenge! Thought I'd give it a bit of a festive look!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

LO44 - this week we had to use the last seven photos and journal our week! As none of my photos were that good, and my week was probably the most boring I had had for a while, I decided to use small pics and the photo strip!

Page 310 - November can be a very dreary month, when all the summer colours have gone, nights draw in and the weather is often grey. This year autumn seems late, there is still glorious colour on the trees and the leaves are only just falling. I am really enjoying walking the dog and looking at all the colour around me, even if the sky is a bit grey! And there are plenty of birds around too, one particular buzzard that I see regularly, what a sight, soaring in the sky! Wish I could see it closer!

Page 309 - Goes without saying to me that being happy is the best face lift, and far less painful too! It is amazing how someone's face changes when they smile! And I would never consider a face lift, I am too fond of my wrinkles now, they show that I have lived!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Page 308 -

Who - yes, me again!

What - thinking, well looks like it!

When - 8.20 am

Where - looking out of the lounge window!

Why - Monday morning, a new week, and I think about what is planned for the coming days! Out shopping with dd1 tomorrow, a hair cut on Wednesday, packing for our 365 weekend on Thursday, and all the other things I need to do to get ready!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Page 307 -

Who - yes, me again!

What - dozing

When - 2pm

Where - in my lounge

Why - because I could! After Sunday lunch we sit down in the lounge for coffee, and sometimes sleepiness just overcomes me and I succumb to a little nap! But I am not really one for little cat naps, they don't do anything for me whereas dh can nap for five minutes and feel a lot better for it!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Page 306 -

Who? - me yet again!

What? - cooking!

When? - 8am!

Where? - in my kitchen!

Why? - since starting Slimming World we have got into the habit of having eggs and bacon for breakfast on a Saturday! There are no objections to this from dh! It certainly fills me up and keeps me going until lunchtime! Definitely a habit to keep up!

Page 305 -

Who - yes, me again!

What? - reading!

When? - around 1pm.

Where? - in my lounge.

Why? - around lunch time each day I like to sit down and read the tv listings magazine to see what I can look forward to watching in the evening! Not usually a lot! Today, being Halloween, I thought there might be some scary movies or spooky shows on, but nothing until very late, and they were only very old films!