Tuesday, 6 January 2009

LO52 - the last lo for this challenge, using a photo from Day1 and another from the last day! I have put all my journalling in the folder.


LO 50 - using all the photos from this week's prompts, and having a seasonal theme!

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Page 366 - I certainly did this year long challenge in my own way, never having done anything like it before! I have learnt a lot about myself, other people, and made some fantastic friends! I have gained confidence in myself, and showing self portraits, and been made to think about a lot of things! And it's been so enlightening to read other's points of view!

A huge thankyou to Anna Bowkis for setting this challenge and guiding us through the past year, and another huge thankyou to all the people I have got to know and love!

Page 365 - I agree with laughter being a tonic, a good laugh was had today when we met up with my sister and her dh in Windsor!

Monday, 29 December 2008

Page 364 - how different the world looks according to my mood! If I am happy, all is bright, but if I am sad or angry, it can be a dark place. So I need to make sure I am in a good frame of mind all the time to see the workd at it's best!

Page 363 - rest does bit mean lying around doing nothing, a change of scene or activity is a good rest from normal routine. My rest today was a walk to the park with dgs1 on his new scooter, not much of a rest for him!