Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Page 274 - care, sometimes equated to love, but not in my book. I care about my family, but it is different to my love for them, which is unconditional. Caring can often be a choice.

I chose to become a nurse, you would have to care about people to do this job, some of the things you do are not pleasant! And some of the sights are distressing, some situation heartbreaking! But there are good times too which make all the caring worthwhile.

I care about the earth, doing my bit to make it a better place. I care that I want to leave a better world for my children and grandchildren.

And I care about my fellow 365ers, feeling their ups and downs and trying to support them.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Page 273 - sometimes things that look weak or flimsy can turn out to be the strongest! What makes me strong, the love and support of my husband, family and friends! Without them all I might crumble!

Page 272 - oh today is so easy for me, dh and I do not always think alike but maybe that is what makes our love strong and allows it to continue growing every day!

Page 271 - I do like to feel in control of my life, though there have been times when I felt I wasn't! Sometimes we just have to let someone else take over for us temporarily! But most of the time it is a partnership when you are married!

I don't always find it easy to ignore those who try to discourage me, but do my best!

I don't like to give up on things, or give in, must be my stubborn streak. But there have been times I have admitted defeat!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Page 270 - Somedays I don't always do what I set out to, be it a difficult phone call, a visit somewhere, whatever! I do feel disappointed in myself, but say, tomorrow I will do it! I don't shout about it, but whisper quietly to myself, and hope I take notice!There are many people in the world who do courageous things every day, some shout out loud what they have done, others just keep quiet. Many have daily battles, either with pain, illness or other problems, I wonder if they say quietly to themselves each night that they will try again tomorrow? Makes some of my failures look a bit pathetic!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Page 269 - I know there are times I have made excuses because I didn't want to do something or go somewhere! Sometimes I later had regrets! Was it because I lacked confidence, didn't know what people would think of me, or was just plain scared? With age has come confidence to go out, meet people and make the most of my life! I know I am capable of doing most things, just needs that extra bit of courage sometimes!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Page 268 - Beauty, we all see this differently! To one what is beautiful is not always to another! So how do we define it?

To me the greatest beauty is in nature, where there is a riot of colour, but it never clashes. So many shades of each colour, each perfect alone, but enhanced when blended together. Each plant or tree has it's order, the arrangement of leaves or petals, but put all the plants together and it may look disorganised, but in the unity is true beauty!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Page 267 - happiness, I think we need other people to make us happy, though there are times I can be happy on my own but wouldn't like that all the time! Unless you are on bad terms it is easy to be intertwined with your family, and mine certainly make me happy! Friends you have to work a little harder at, making sure you keep in contact, but I am lucky to have good friends! Neighbours, don't really see much of them since the children grew up, but always a nod and a smile if not a little chat. But there are so many people I don't really notice who contribute to my happiness for they make my life happen, be it in shops, transport or leisure, without them working away, my happiness would not be complete.

I have just realised there are now less than 100 days to complete this challenge!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Page 266 - another Abba song, The Name of the Game. I think it is the game of Life! We make our moves, play against others. At times we cooperate to achieve a win! Life is a bit like playing Snakes and Ladders with all the ups and downs! Life is a great game to play!

Week 38 lo using lyrics from Abba song "Slipping through my fingers"

Week 37 lo using quote from Dr Seuss.

Week 36 lo using Cinderella prompt!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Page 265 - when I was young life seemed to stretch out in front of me forever, there would be plenty of time to do all the things I wanted! As I get older, time seems to go so much faster and I wonder sometimes if I will get it all done? If we don't make the most of each day then time truly does slip through our fingers!

Page 264 - I was brought up with the theory that it is better to take part than to win! As long as you have done your best, winning or losing is immaterial! Not sure that human nature agrees as we all like to be winners. Probably one of the hardest lessons a child has to learn is that they do have to lose sometimes! But without a loser there can be no winner!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Page 263 - When I was young I always wished I had an older brother instead of a sister. I really don't know what difference it would have made, probably just a sibling thing, as we were often arguing! Can't see that it would be much different with a brother!

So many people in this world need our help, we just have to remember they are all our brothers!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Page 262 - sometimes the same song or piece of music does help to cope with difficult times, I have several pieces I love to listen to depending on the mood. The same applies to good times too, a certain piece of music evoking memories! Not sure if I believe in angels in the biblical sense, but know there are guardian angels somewhere looking out for me, and guiding me! And when the time is right they try to guide me in the right direction, if only I always listened!

Little album no 7 for this challenge, kept to the same format for the cover, just different colours.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Page 261 - me, definitely not a Dancing Queen, though that doesn't mean I don't like dancing! And enjoy it! I have never had any dancing lessons, just sort of picked it up as I go, so no fancy steps from me, but I can get round the dance floor! One thing I really enjoyed when I was younger was country dancing and square dances, do they still hold them nowadays? In silly moments with my girls I can be seen dancing round the kitchen with them, or at other times with my dgs1!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Page 260 - I am not a person to seek out the spotlight, never was a performer of any kind, and hated school performances, especially when I had to play piano duets with my older sister! But I do like to have fun, even if no one else sees me! My private stage is at home, I can't sing, but will sing along with the radio or cd player, and have even been known to dance at times! This makes me feel happy and like a number one!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Page 259 - Succeed, such a nice word, fills you with a sense of achievement! I do like to succeed at things I start, and can be quite single minded until I have achieved what I set out to do! OK, I haven't succeeded at everything in my life, but hope I gave it my all when I tried! And got near to 100%!

At present I have embarked on losing weight, determined to succeed. I have lots of support to make it easier. Hopefully it is making those who eat with me healthier too! Aiming for 100%.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Page 258 - How often have I not done something because I was too timid, afraid or for no good reason! Have I missed out on a lot? So many things are fun to do, but unless we try them we don't know! And yes, having fun is good, makes us happy and relaxed! I hope I keep my sense of fun!

Page 257 - I too have been guilty of feeling upset and even angry when something is over, such as a good holiday, a great party or celebration, or even just a visit to friends. There shouldn't be tears, there should be happiness that it happened and I was there! I can always relive it with my memories and feel that way again!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Page 256 - If we take the time to look there is often something funny around us! It may not always be appropriate to laugh out loud at the time, but it may help us to cope! Sometimes I wonder if some people lose their sense of humour as they get older, or is it just harder to see the funny side when you know more about life? Most people don't laugh enough, we need at least one good laugh a day, then feel so much better!

Page 255 - I know I am unique, no one lese like me (that may be a good thing). Someone may have similar physical characteristics, but no one thinks like me! I am a product of genetics, upbringing and circumstances. I think I like being me more and more each day!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Page 254 - I know I have a brain, and sometime I even use it! And lucky me has never been without a pair of shoes to protect my feet. Most of the time I am free to choose the direction I take. Sometimes I may take the wrong one, and hopefully my brain will tell me and I can then steer a new course! Just because I start one way does not mean I will end up where I intended. Oh and I love my new pale blue walking shoes, not a practical colour to get covered in mud, but they make me happy!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Page 253 - every day usually holds a new challenge or two, a bit like climbing a mountain. Some may be small, others large, just like in a mountain range. Some days I may not feel like climbing, I have a choice of the easy route or the hard route. I try to face the challenges as they come, but it isn't always easy. Some days are more special with their challenges, and I get a feeling of satisfaction when I have reached the summit! But there are still days when I know I have failed to scale the peaks, but there is always tomorrow to try again!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Page 252 - Well I haven't gone from rags to riches, but I'm not complaining as I have all I need. Led me to wonder how many hours of my life has been spent doing housework and other domestic chores, maybe I don't want to know! Also I know I am a bit of a stickler for time keeping, I try never to keep anyone waiting and wish they could do the same for me. My youngest dd has inherited this trait, and is always early!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Page 251 - Thumbelina. Well I am pretty average in height, so no comparison there! This tale tells us no matter what the odds, it is possible with help from others, to overcome obstacles. Sometimes in life it is the tiny things that matter the most and these can so easily be missed.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Page 250 - Rapunzel, a classic fairy tale! My life hasn't been a fairy tale, and I am no princess, or damsel in distress. The only likeness I can find is I had long hair for most of my life. Not sure how much I was hiding behind it. Now I am older I thought I should have shorter hair, so much easier and quicker to care for!

Rapunzel's long hair gave assistance to enter her tower, I think we all have attributes to assist others, we just need to be released to find them!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Page 249 - like the princess, I like my physical comfort too! Long gone are my camping days in a tent, though they were enjoyable! Feeling comfortable with people is not always so easy, until I get to know them. And still with some people there is still always that little niggling feeling of discomfort. Is it me or is it them making me feel this way?

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Page 248 - I don't have many clothes with hoods, and I definitely don't do red, so had to improvise here with a piece of red felt! Red Riding hood met a wolf, how many of those have I met over the years. Taught me that all is not always as it seems on the outside! It could make me wary of people and situations, but hope it hasn't! I try to think the best of people until I am proved wrong, and not go with first impressions. Sadly at times I have been let down.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Week 35 lo, using monochromatic, grey through to black. Pic was taken by dd1 with her new camera.

Page 247 - I'm no Snow White, no wicked step mother, not a princess, etc. But I know at times when the children were young I could have been likened to her with my "little dwarves". Luckily I only had four, but they had to learn to live and work in harmony! Some people thought we were wrong as they used to have set jobs to do each day, like helping with washing and wiping up, sweeping the kitchen floor, laying tables for meals apart from keeping their toys and rooms tidy! But we believed it set them on the road for life, to learn how to look after themselves, and it was always made fun! They didn't always co-operate, there were tears and tantrums, but they learnt their way through all that! If we went out anywhere, being six of us we seemed to take over, and people were always asking "How do you manage?" Silly question really as they didn't all come at once, you got used to it one by one! My little dwarves may be grown and fled the nest but they always offer to help when they visit, so hopefully we taught them well!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Page 246 - Well, I know I am no physical beauty but I hope my true beauty is inside and shows through. Sleeping, yes, I can do that! As a teenager I could sleep for England, and drive my Mum mad! Once work was introduced to my life I had to learn to get up in the mornings, and then as shift work took over, I had to adjust my sleeping patterns. I found out I preferred to work at night, and could sleep quite well in the day. Now I think I have a routine of waking early, just used to it after all these years. But I do like my sleep!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Page 245 - I had all the usual childhood dreams for my era. I wanted to be a ballerina, never having had a lesson in my life, but would dance around on tiptoe! I was going to be a show jumper on a beautiful horse, though to be honest, horses scared me! I was going to be famous, a film star, someone who changed the world in a great way! And of course, to marry, have my own children, and live happily ever after. But from an early age I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I think back then, with less choices open to women, we all knew pretty much what we wanted to be. So I went to train as a nurse, qualified and have enjoyed my career! And yes, I married, had four children and am living a happy life. How much of this I have achieved due to my own determination cannot be assessed, but I am happy with my achievements, and there is no point in looking back and regretting anything. And yes, I still dream and try to follow these dreams!