Thursday, 30 October 2008

Page 304 -

Who - me

What - on telephone

When - 8am

Where - at home

Why - because dh always phones me every morning while he walks to work! This has been our routine since he started working away from home nearly three years ago! Not as good as a kiss and a cuddle in the morning, but better than nothing!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Page 303 -

Who - Me again!

What - ironing!

When - today, 10 am

Where - in my kitchen

Why - Because I'm nice! Was ironing a pashmina for dd1 as she rushed to get ready. She and dd3 and two friends are at the National TV awards ceremony tonight, an excuse to dress up!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Page 302-

Who - me

What - dog walk time

When - 7.50am

Where - Blackwater Valley Path

Why - as a dog owner I have a responsibility to my dog, and she needs a walk! After all these years she is a creature of habit and likes to go for a walk at the same times each day, gets very put out if routine is altered, but forgives me when she gets out! Today was cold and frosty, hence the scarf!

Monday, 27 October 2008

LO43, thinking outside the box!

LO 42, had to be pink!
I am really glad the "pink" week is over!

Page 301 - it isn't May, but this honeysuckle is blossoming in my garden quite happily, and there are a lot of leaf buds on the stems!

Is there a fresh new me on the way, as I am losing weight and looking forward to buying some new clothes soon! Just hope it is before next May!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Page 300 - best bib and tucker, that phrase reminds me of my Dad, that's what he referred to when dressing in his best uniform for posh dinners or parades! All the gold braid, shiny leather and brass buttons gleaming!

What woman doesn't like to dress up in her finery, I know I do. I rarely wear a hat, the last time for ds's wedding as it was a formal church affair. Though not comfortable wearing it, I must admit it did feel good!

Having now lost some weight I am really looking forward to buying some new best bib and tucker to wear!

Page 299 - Crazy, some people have called me that, but maybe not so much lately! I have done some crazy things at times in my life, have I got more sensible in my old age?

Probably one of the craziest things I did as a teenager was to spend a night on the South Downs, looking for UFO's. This was in connection with university students and their tv station, following a group of people who were convinced they had spotted UFO's in the area. We were more sceptical, sure most at least were planes heading for nearby airports. But it was a good laugh, if a bit cold out there. Lovely fried breakfast in a roadside cafe in the morning!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Page 298 - Upsy daisy, another good old fashioned phrase my Mum used to use when I was a child, and I've used it for my children too, it just says it all! Up you get, dust yourself off and start again!
There have been many times in my life when I have fallen and it was so good to have someone there to encourage me to get up and try again! We all need encouragement to keep going even when things are tough!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Page 297 - another good old saying we don't hear that often today! I must admit to liking good quality, whether in clothes or other stuff, it may cost more, and I have to save harder for it, but it does last better! Though having said that I'm not sure that is so true these days! I don't go for the expensive just because of the price, just for the quality! I have had some inexpensive bargains! The only downside when things last longer is you get bored with them but they are too good to throw away!

Literally talking knees, they are the one part of my body that is wearing out fast and causing problems!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Page 296 - I'm not very good at thinking outside the box, though I know some people have the most brilliant ideas, just wish they came to me! Very occassionaly I might have a flash of inspiration, and then feel very pleased with myself! Maybe if I spent more time thinking about it!

I know if I have a problem it is sometimes easier to solve it by thinking outside the box, the obvious solution isn't always the easiest!

Is this the box to inspire my thinking?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Page 295 - my home, my castle? Yes, we worked hard to buy our own house, going without treats to be able to pay a mortgage, and now it is all ours! It is also my haven from the world, a place I can retreat to when I feel the need to escape the world and all it's problems and madness. In my home I can do as I please, and feel safe. I do not have to let anyone in unless I feel like it, I can dress as I please, do what I want, share it with family. My home is just bricks and mortar but it holds many memories, but they are also in my heart, so should I leave this house, I will still have my memories.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Page 294 - don't we all dream of being different? I would probably be described as fairly conservative, in my lifestyle and dress. There are times when I think I should change! Maybe I should dress in a different way, be more abandoned in what I do, go mad! Maybe I should act more on the spur of the moment! But I don't think I ever will as I am comfortable with who I am. But I can still dream of wearing that angora bikini and going surfing!

Page 293 - so many things have "tickled me pink" over the years, mostly simple things! I loved the words and phrases the children came out with when they were young and struggling to find a way to express themselves with their limited vocabulary! Even now dd2 is still sometimes at a loss for the right word and will make one up, some very good ones, and we always know what she means!

Yes, a very nice feeling to be tickled pink!

Page 292 - in the Pink, meaning good health! I'm one of those very lucky people who is rarely ill, don't catch colds easily, or tummy bugs, for which I'm grateful! If I am ill, all I want to do is be left alone to sleep! The most serious illness in my life was being diagnosed with breast cancer, but after operations and treatment, I have had 10 years of good health. I was one of the lucky ones, thanks to routine screening it was found fairly early. It has made me appreciate life so much more, and not take things for granted. I live each day as it comes and make the most of it! So many have so much more to bear!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Page 291 - well, I don't wear pink, mainly because of my colouring, so this doesn't mean much to me! There was a time, in a moment of madness, that I did buy a pink skirt, but only wore it a couple of times then gave it away! I relly didn't feel comfortable wearing it! My taste in colours for clothing has changed over the years, but I do not always follow the fashion!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Page 290 - we are given one life, and throughout that life we continue to grow. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Each day there is some change, sometimes so small it isn't really noticed, other days a growth spurt! I hope over the years I have grown into a better person, with the lessons I have learnt and experiences and I have been through.

There is no point we stop growing though the bloom may fade as we age!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Page 289 - Perfect, who knows what is perfect, it is so different to each of us! I know I am not perfect, though I can only strive to be, but will always have some imperfections, that is what makes me unique!

We describe "the perfect day", which it was for us, but wouldn't be for another person. This can be applied to everything in life, each of us expects different things for perfection.

So if it is perfect for me, is that good enough?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Page 288 - pink, never been my colour! But now it is not a colour I am comfortable with as it brings back too many memories. I am a lucky survivor of breast cancer for the past 10 years, and am so glad to be alive! But at the time the breast cancer awareness campaign had just begun, and pink seemed to be everywhere, and I felt I just couldn't face it! Having three teenage girls at that time, when pink was fashionable, made it even harder! Now I can face my fears and will make myself use pink in my crafting, but don't think I will ever be truly comfortable with this colour!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Page 287 - mates, though I prefer the word friends. We all need them, but over the years we lose touch with some, either volutarily or involuntarily. I am lucky to have a best friend I have known since we were both 14, we may not see each other for a while, but when we do it is as though it was only the day before! This friend I can share my joy and my troubles with, I know she is always there for me. I have other friends too, but know this friend is the one I would turn to first. There are times it is easier to talk to a friend rather than family.

I have also made some very good friends in cyberland, some I have now met in real life, and others I hope to meet soon. I thank them for their friendship and support.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Page 286 - I remember my Mum used this phrase a lot when I was young, meaning to think before I acted and to use my common sense! Common sense does seem to be a thing missing in a lot of people these days!

Bread, I like to make my own, so easy with a bread making machine! It tastes so nicer than shop bought bread, and I know what is in there!

Page 285 - one thing I don't like is my feet! Probably because I wore stilletto heels and pointed toes when I was a teenager, bad mistake! I remember my Mum saying they would ruin my feet! And in my working life I spent a lot of time on my feet. Now I do take care of them a lot more! Lesson learnt the hard way!

Today my feet were fine, walked a few miles around the arboretum in my comfy walking boots!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Page 284 - the day I became a wife was one of the happiest of my life! I have been proud to be known as Mrs, and hope I haven't caused dh too much trouble and strife! Don't think I will ask him about that! I have worn my wedding ring for over 37 years now, and not once has it been off my finger in all that time! Not sure it would come off now!

I also wear my Mum's wedding ring as it was so precious to her, she was married for over 50 years, so hope I can make that too!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Page 283 - a cup of tea, so typically British! And a cup of hot sweet tea for shock, not always the right thing to do!

There was a time I drank a lot of tea, and my children learnt how to make tea at a fairly young age, and became very good at it! I don't really know why I went off tea, but nowadays I mainly drink hot water with a slice of lemon, though still enjoy the occassional cuppa!

Every one likes their tea different, some strong, some weak, some milky, some sweet, but a lot of people certainly still need their cuppa at various times of the day to keep them going!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Page 282 - a penny for my thoughts, some might say that was expensive! I wonder how many thoughts I have in a day, and how many I remember for more than a few minutes! I can go off into my own little world, and then get asked "a penny for them". It was a saying my Mum often said to me and I said to my children!

I do try to think the best of people, and situations, but there are times when my thoughts can wander into darker areas so I have to drag myself back into the real world. No one likes to dwell on unpleasant thoughts!

And why is it we always have so many thoughts just as we drop off to sleep, and can never remember them the next day!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

LO40, well Anna said to keep it simple, so I have, one photo, one title!

LO39, for this I chose my photo of a spider's web and the African quote.

Page 281 - Cockney rhyming slang has always fascinated me, though some conversations can be hard to follow!

The stairs in my house are an on going building project, no carpet, and unfinished bannisters, still, one day it will be finished!

Is life akin to climbing stairs? We are born at the bottom and climb up in our life, sometimes staying put on one tread for a while before we step up again, and at other times it feels we are going down them again!

Page 280 - Bright, as in intelligent, I like to think I am of average intelligence, though maybe never reached my full potential. Some things I found easy to learn, but if it was hard then I didn't really push myself as I should have! Still, I am learning new things now that interest me!

Bright colours are not really me, though I will use them in crafting, but not often for my clothes! I much prefer muted earthy colours!

Bright lights, not one for the spotlights! But I love to sit and relax by candlelight!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Page 279 - relax! That is a word I like the sound of, doesn't take much to make me relax. Sadly there are a lot of people who don't know how to relax, or just can't be bothered to find the time to do so! I believe our minds and bodies need relaxation to recuperate and be ready to face more daily tasks.

My favourite ways to relax - feet up, nice glass of wine, good music and a good book! Or, a sunny day, good company and a pleasant walk. Or just spending time with loved ones! Or sitting in the steam room at the gym, letting my mind go blank!

Page 278 - do I take enough time to reflect on things? I really don't know! But if I reflect on doing this project, I can see many things! Firstly my self portraits have improved, and I am happier to let people see me, no hiding behind glasses! This has given me the opportunity to improve my photography and editing skills. Also I have had to think about different prompts, and look at them from different angles, has to be good! Some of my craft skills have also improved.

But the best thing has to be meeting my fellow 365ers, either in real life or cyberspace, they have all enriched my life so much!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Page 277 - listen! We have done similar prompts to these earlier in the year so today I have looked from a different angle!

I love to listen, to music, both classical and modern! To people chattering, especially my grandchildren! To the sound of the waves at the seaside! To running water of rivers and fountains! To the sounds of nature, birds singing, the wind in the trees! And also I love to listen to the sound of silence!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Page 276 - to cherish, to hold dear! Of course I cherish people and things. Mostly I cherish my family, my friends and people I know. To me it would not be natural if I didn't. I also have a few cherished possessions, for sentimental reasons! And I do cherish my memories.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Page 275 - Hold, I need my arms and hands to hold, and they are amazing, they can be strong, caring, gentle, loving, whatever I want and feel! Probably the best use for my hands is to hold my loved ones, with love!

I can physically hold on but also mentally hold on, to information, instructions but most of all to my memories!